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how to find tabs -

many of the requests that come in are for pieces which are already available online -- so first make sure the piece you're looking for isn't on the Classical Guitar Tablature page and then try searching the web, the newsgroup archives, E-Tabs, the main tab sites and their associated archives (OLGA, TabRobot, Power Tab, TablEdit, Guitar Pro etc), not forgetting of course the specialist classical tabs sites listed in the links section -- a comprehensive lists of tablature archives and some tab mailing lists can be found at Harmony Central -- there are also tab files available via eMule

if the tab can not be found then you should post a request to the tablature newsgroups and and submit a request to the forum at Classical Guitar Tabs (non-living composers) and to E-Tabs -- if, and only if, after a month the tab is still unavailable, and if, and only if, the request is for an acoustic fingerstyle classical composition, then you are welcome to email me asking for it to be added to the wants list below

you could also try using one of the MIDI to tab conversion programs such as Power Tab -- the fingering may not be right, but at least it gives you the notes

if you need a tab done urgently, use one of the online music engraving or custom transcription services

if you have the guitar tablature in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT for any of the following or if you know where they can be found, then please email me -- but before sending in tabs please check the latest version of this page to see if they are still wanted, and if possible play through them to make sure they are ok -- requests for sheet music are only for the purpose of contributing tabs to the Tabs Page -- wants may disappear after a year or so, but can be re-requested

please do not send in unedited tabs created from MIDI files

tab  WANTS  - i don't have these - so  PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR THEM

AGUARDO - "Rondo No 2 in Am" - including the introduction
BACH, JS - "BWV 528 - Trio Sonata No 4 in Em - Un poco Allegro"
BACH, JS - "BWV 538 - Prelude (Toccata) in Cm"
BACH, JS - "BWV 547 - Prelude in C"
BACH, JS - "BWV 525 - Trio Sonata No 1 in Eb - Adagio"
BACH, JS - "BWV 553 - Prelude and Fugue in C"
BACH, JS - "BWV 572 - Fantasia in G"
BACH, JS - "BWV 974 - Concerto in D minor - Presto"
BACH, JS - "BWV 1066 - Suite No 1 in C" - (all)
BACH, JS - "BWV 1067 - Suite No 2 in Bm" - (all except Menuet and Badinerie)
BEETHOVEN - "Op 27 No 2 - Sonata No 14 in C#m (Moonlight), 1st movement" - in Gm, arr Segovia
BEETHOVEN - "Op 27 No 2 - Sonata No 14 in C#m (Moonlight), 1st movement" - in Dm - tab or sheet
BEETHOVEN - "Op 50 - Romance for Violin and Orchestra No 2 in F"
BERNSTEIN - "West Side Story (I Feel Pretty, Maria, America)" - (Jorge Morel's arrangement)
BROUWER, Leo - "Suite No 2 - Preludio"
CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO - "Sonatina Canonica Op 196 (for 2 guitars)" - sheet
DE LA RUE, Pieere - "Requiem Mass - Missa de Profunctis" - (any of the 7 parts)
DOMENICONI, Carlo - "Variations on an Anatolian Folk Song"
DONIZETTI - "The Furtive Tear" (Una Furtiva Lagrima, from L'Elisir d'Amore)
DVORAK, Anton - "Slavonic Dance No 10"
GAROTO (Anibal Augusto Sardinha) - "Desvairada", "Duas Contas", "Choro Triste No 1" etc
GOMEZ, Guillermo - "Plegaria"
GRANADOS - "Danzas Españolas Op 37 No 2 - Oriental" - (solo)
HANDEL - "Sonata in D minor" - arranged by Segovia
HOUGHTON, Philip - "Stele I - Stele"
HOUGHTON, Philip - "Stele II - Dervish"
LENNON/MCCARTNEY - "The Fool On The Hill" - (duet - arr L Brouwer - perf J Williams)
LINNEMANN, Maria - "Canzone D'Amore"
LINNEMANN, Maria - "Desirée"
LOPEZ, Oscar - "Classical Soul (edit)"
MCTELL, Ralph - "Streets of London" - John Williams duet arrangement
MERTZ, Johann Kaspar - "Elegie" (Elegy)
MERTZ, Johann Kaspar - "Trois Morceaux - Fantaisie Hongroise" (Op 65 No 1)
MERTZ, Johann Kaspar - "Trois Morceaux - Fantasia Original" (Op 65 No 2)
MERTZ, Johann Kaspar - "Trois Morceaux - Le Gondolier" (Op 65 No 3)
MOLINO, Francesco - "Valse"
MONTES, Alfonso - "Canción Guayanesa"
MOORE, Brian - "Horizon"
NAKABAYASHI, J - "Mermaid" - sheet available
NUNEZ, Gerado - "Salmedina (Granaina)"
NUSKE, JA - "Fantasia"
OLIVA, Julio César - "Sonata del Amor - Arcoiris"
OLIVA, Julio César - "Sonata del Amor - Atardecer de Amor"
OLIVA, Julio César - "Sonata del Amor - Plenitud"
OLIVA, Julio Césae - "Tres Cuadros Magicos - Desde Que Te Vi, Te Entregue Mi Corazon" - tab or sheet
PAGANINI - "Paganini - Op 17 Cantabile in D, for Guitar and Violin, MS109"
PIAZZOLLA, Astor - "Chau Paris"
PIAZZOLLA, Astor - "Bordel 1900"
PIAZZOLLA, Astor - "Café 1930"
PIAZZOLLA, Astor - "Nightclub 1960"
PIAZZOLLA, Astor - "Concert d'Aujourd'hui"
PONCE, Manuel - "Sonata No 1" - (Sonata Mexicana)
PONCE, Manuel - "Suite in D - 1 Preambule"
PUJOL, Emilio - "Estudio No 25 in Am"
PUJOL, Emilio - "Study No 32"
PUJOL, Maximo Diego - "Verde Alma"
REIS, Dilermando - "Eterna Saudade" - sheet available
SAN SEBASTIAN, José Antonio - "Dolor - Preludio Vasco" - (Maria Luisa Anido)
TANSMAN, Alexandre - "Cavatina - Movement 2, Sarabande"
TARREGA - "Andante" - "Estudio Number 8 in La menor" (Am) - (from Liona Boyd CD)
VERDI - "Nabucco, Va Pensiero"
VILLA-LOBOS - "Chôro No 2"
XARHAKOS, Starvros - "Varcarole" (Barcarole)
YORK, Andrew - "Letting Go"

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