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how to find that Crossroads tab? - STFW

i'm not familiar with the piece, and i can't remember for sure whether i ever saw the movie the whole way thru, but to save myself from terminal boredom having to answer any more questions about it -

what's it called?

first go to the Internet Movie Database at - search for Crossroads using the search box top left - from the list that comes up, click on the 1986 version - from the Crossroads (1986) page, click on "Soundtrack Listing" (a third of the way down on the left) - assume that the song list is in the order they appear in the film - so look for the last Steve Vai track - ok, now u know what it's called

now to find the tab

go to one of the major search engines and type in the name of the song in quotes - up to 200 pages should be found - many of them should have the tab you're looking for


as this song made such an impression on u, it's likely to have made a similar impression on a zillion or so other guitarists, so go to one of the major search engines and use the query term  crossroads vai tab - with a bit of luck the first search result will take you to a Steve Vai tabs page - follow the link to Crossroads

the definitive version

there's probably lots of tab versions - so try investigating a little further by checking out the newsgroup archives at - use the same query term as before (crossroads vai tab) - about 300 posts come up - sort them into date order (use the "Sorted by date" link on the right just below the search time)

to narrow things down, substitute the name of the song in quotes for the first two words of the previous query term and search within the newsgroup (make sure u select that option at the top - the default is "search all groups") - this should bring up links to over 70 messages

other resources

the tab is also available from  &  &  OLGA - use the name of the song, or Crossroads as the search term

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